The End of SkyMall

Inada DreamWave Massage Chair - $8499.00

Inada DreamWave Massage Chair - $8499.00

Yesterday was a very sad day. SkyMall and its parent company Xhibit Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  

SkyMall is the magazine/catalog that has occupied the pockets behind airplane seats, since 1989. This ‘FAO Swartz for adults’ style catalog is filled with indulgent, kitschy,  but cool items. It's the kind of stuff you always want but rarely need. Sounds like Amercia, so why isn't business booming? In their own words…

SkyMall Delta Harry Potter
With the increased use of electronic devices on planes, fewer people browsed the SkyMall in-flight catalog.
— Acting Chief Executive of SkyMall, Scott Wiley

In other words, people are simply too busy watching movies and playing games on ther mobile devices and forgetting to pick up the magazine. 

Reduced reader interest led to Delta Airlines terminatie its contract with SkyMall back in November 2014, Southwest Airlines' contract is scheduled to end April. It looks like them may not make it that long.

On January 16th, SkyMall laid off one third of their staff and stopped offering products through the catalog. Then on January 23rd they filled for bankruptcy. A sad ending for an in-flight mainstay. (First the pretzels and now this.)

It's not too late to get some of the awesome SkyMall products. Most of them are still available through Amazon. Hurry though, some distributors may not be able to stay in business if SkyMall folds. So this may be your last chance to get a coffee scented t-shirt or that a birdhouse that's shaped like a cat’s head. Happy Shopping, here are some of my favorites! Not that that's a hint or anything...well maybe it is.

SkyMall Southwest blow up football player

Statues for the Garden

And these key hiding spots.

Winky Cross Body Bag.jpg

Christmas Decorations!


Kitty Things & Stuff For Other Animals Too!

Star Wars
  • Voice Activated R2D2
  • Darth Vader Toaster
  • Life Sized Talking Yoda
  • Chubaka  Mask

Relaxing With Wine