$22.21 buys what? Coupon Haul!

Florida is not the most coupon friendly state. The grocery stores that do offer double coupons or penny coupon days are far and few between (none close to me). The one oasis in the desert is...

...and it truly is.  

Although they also do not offer these programs, I've found that their coupon policy is still very customer friendly if you know how it works.

First a little about Publix. I already loved this store. It has a completely different atmosphere than... *ahem, other stores. The employees actually seem happy to work here. Everyone, no matter if they're a manager wearing a suit or a teenager,  will stop and ask if you need help. And they will do this damn near every time they pass you.

Publix still has a separate bagger who will offer to bring your bags to your car. Now I don't need this service but it still makes me warm and fuzzy to see it offered to the seniors that I see shopping there. (I remember one time at a certain *ahem* box store witnessing a woman asking, almost begging for help. She had a box of water and she was saying she would be unable to lift it into the car. I wound up offering my help because the cashier didn't even attempt to call someone to help her.) Yes, Publix is a much better place to shop.

Palm Coast Publix

Palm Coast Publix

Publix also has greater diversity of products.  If I need a particular product, they will usually have it.  The prices are not as high as a Fresh Market or Whole Foods, although the shopping experience is still nice. Prices may certainly seem higher than certain *ahem* box stores but I'm here to prove, mostly to my Mother, that Publix provides better quality for a better price. Plus the coupon policy is Craaazy, for Florida.

Here are 4 of the most important coupons polices that effect how I shop. There are certainly more, a whole page worth, but these are the pivotal ones in my opinion:

  1. Publix has a generous coupon policy. They not only offer store coupons in their numerous flyers but also offer printable and digital coupons.
  2. Publix accepts competitor's store coupons. Each store determines who their competitors are based on the location.
  3.  Publix accepts up to 2 coupons per item; one manufacter's coupon and one store coupon.
  4. Publix will often have BOGO sales. Yes a lot of stores also offer Buy One Get One Free deals but wait, here is why Publix's is sooo great...

Publix allows you to use coupons on both items of a BOGO sale! 

So, for example: Let's say you buy 2 items that are on a BOGO sale, so 2 for the price of one. You can then use a manufacturer and a store coupon for each item. That means you can possibly and ideally use 4 coupons on the purchase price of a single item and receive 2 products. 

Of course this is the ideal perfect situation. It is especially great if you have a competitor's store which offers good store coupons. My store has Target as a competitor, cha-ching!

So on to my savings, here is the receipt for the deals I got at Publix yesterday:

That is 18 name brand products, well 16 name brand and 2 store brand products for less than $23.00. Now, on to prove my point by breaking down how I did it and why this could only happen at Publix.

General Mills Cereal was BOGO with a purchase price of $3.83/1. 

I used: (2) manufacturer's coupons that were for $1.00/2 boxes of GM cereals + 1 manufacturer's coupon for $.50 off of a Honey Nut Cherrios cereal + (2) Target store coupons which was for $1.00 off of 3 GM cereals. 

6 boxes of cereal, for the price of 3, minus $4.50 in coupons. 

Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper.jpg

Hamburger Helper and Suddenly Salad was BOGO with a purchase price of $1.83/1.

I used: (2) manufacturer's coupons that were for $.75/3 Hamburger Helper boxes 

6 boxes of Hamburger Helper  for the price of 4 boxes, minus $1.50

Suddenly Salad was BOGO with a purchase price of $1.83/1.

I used: (1) .50/2 Coupon

2 boxes of Suddenly Salad for the price of 1 box, minus $.50


Suave was BOGO with a purchase price of $1.99

I used: (1) Publix store coupon for $1.00/2

2 Suave deodorants for the price of one, minus $1.00

Publix brand cheese was on sale 2/$5.00. (not part of the coupon haul but still a great deal.)

*This wasn't even the best I could have done, especially if my printer wasn't out of ink. There were better coupons available online as well as additional store coupons from competitors. I still think I did pretty good though.