2015 Resolution: Use Things As They Were Intended

2015 New Year's Resolution calendar

How many things do you have that initially functioned pretty well but no longer does? Sometimes things become so modified, bastardized and abused that they no long function as intended, if they function at all. My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is simple, I resolve to use things as they were intended to be used.

I’m not talking about changing something that has been improved and now functions better. I’m talking about everything else. I’m talking about the things that are negatively affected by my laziness, disregard and lack of effort.

I have 3 rules that will help me execute my resolution:

1. Establish and maintain a first in first out rule for everything in my life.

Out with the old, in with the new!

I already use this rule in the kitchen but now I’m going to use it on the rest of my life. If I want to buy a new pair of shoes, I’m going to first get rid of a pair. After all, I’m not going to grow another pair of feet to wear them on so the only way I could use them as intended would be to get rid of a pair.

Of course this won’t work for everything, say friends for instance. But as for material objects, I really could get rid of a lot of the older stuff. If I want to bring new things into my life I have to be willing let the old things.

2. Return objects to their rightful place.

2. Return objects to their rightful place

I will stop placing odd items on the closest random surface and actually put them up. Initially it will seem like a waste of time, especially if I intend to use an item again. But if everything is always in it’s rightful place, just think of how much time I will save that would have been spent searching for misplaced objects. And how much money will I save from replacing objects just to have them turn up later.

3. Stop! Stop! Stop overstuffing things!

Do not overstuff things!

It’s simple, once something reaches it’s intended maximum capacity, stop. This rule applies to everything, from a drawer or glove compartment, to my clothes closet. If something is full I will make the conscious decision to either buy another container, if that’s an option (deferring to rule 1) or the better option, get rid of whatever is filling it up. Oh, how fulfilling life will once I stop overstuffing:stop overstuffing the garage, stop overstuffing my stomach, stop overstuffing my schedule.

2015 Happy New Year!

These three rules will help me to uphold my New Year’s Resolution. I don’t need to purchase anything to improve my overall quality of life but I do need to learn to use what I do have in the way that was intended.