DDP Yoga - It Ain't Your Mama's Yoga

DDP Yoga,  is Diamond Dallas Page's alternative to the popular Bikram "Hot" Yoga programs that are synonymous with yoga today. His rugged, energetic, boisterous instruction lives up to the catchphrase that, "This Ain't Your Mamas Yoga".

Diamond Dash Page

Numerous back and knee injuries caused Page to retire from his career as professional wrestler. After he also lost the ability to weight train, his wife suggested yoga as an alternative. Page experienced an notable increase in his strength, fitness and flexibility and becan an instant yoga fan. He wound up writing a book, YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys/Girls) and that has evolved into DDP Yoga.

One of the most moving advertisements I've seen recently is the 5 minute viral video promoting DDP. The video documents the journey of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran who was only able to walk with the aid of a back brace and crutches. By the end of the video, Boorman has gone through a 10 month and 140 pound DDP transformation. He is not only walking unassisted, he is running. He can also perform head stands and an extended hand to big toe pose. I was sold!

I chose the DDP Yoga Max Pack!

I chose the DDP Yoga Max Pack!

I purchased the Max Pack  which is a mid-level package. There is also a slightly smaller package with a little less or a larger package with substantially more, available on the website. Order based on your commitment level. The prices are reasonable for what you will receive.

Included with the set are: a standard nutritional guide, diet guide and food journal. The recipes focus on eating clean, organic veggies; lean proteins; and less processed starches. There are some juicing recipes thrown in for good measure. The Warrior Pack has additional workouts, yoga mats a heart rate monitor and more.

Two of the most useful parts of the package, other than the actual dvds, are the testimonies (call me a sucker but I live for the before and afters) and the 30" x 20" poster detailing the "Diamond Dozen". The Diamond Dozen is the core set of 13 moves that Page runs you through using 'dynamic resistance', the power of your own muscles working against each-other. 

The workouts are fun, mainly because of the charisma that Diamond Dallas brings in a WWF type of way. And if you do the exercises properly, using dynamic resistance, you will break a sweat, feel muscle fatigue and get a great overall workout after just 20 minutes.  You will see definite improvements in flexibility and strength after only one week of running through these stretching, elongating, strengthening yoga poses. 

Confession: I know the results of this program after a week because that is all I completed of it. What?!? I was lazy, ok. I originally bought the program, over a year ago, as a means to work out privately in my hotel room. I worked on the road and really didn't think that other hotel guests would appreciate me jumping around at night. Unfortunately, when I left hotel living, I  packed away my program. 

Arthur Boorman's Before and After  DDP

Arthur Boorman's Before and After  DDP

What made me dust it off again? A few months ago my big-bro had a nasty bought of sciatica. He's a muscular, stocky guy who often pushes himself too hard in the gym. I felt that yoga could help him elongate his frame and stretch his back, preventing future occurrences. While he was weakened by brain numbing pain and gulping pain pills just to get through the day, he seemed open to the idea but not so much now. 

To be fair, he was never interested in yoga. I have no memories of him joining Mom and me, in the lotus position to chant Ohmmm over and over again.  He's also not a Police fan like me, so the legends of Sting's increased sexual prowess due to yoga probably won't motivate him. (But it motivates me, oh yes, it motivates me...) He's just not a good fit for traditional Yoga.

I thought of the DDP program. This might just work. My brother will really get a kick out of yelling *BAM* and all of that other machismo stuff. The videos are kind of macho, in a lighthearted, wrestling type of way, sort of like my brother. I also had more dvds than I could possibly use. I sorted through them giving half to my brother, he'll have the complete starter package.

I reserved the advanced extreme dvds for myself, I can't have him getting better than me. So ultimately all of this wound up renewing my desire to get my booty back in shape. I'm starting the program again. Hopefully this time I'll remain committed until I can see some real results. I'd love to be able to post some awesome 'after' pictures. 

Stay tuned for future progress updates.

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