Free Breast Exams and Prostate Screening - At your local airport!

The TSA takes an aggressive stance against cancer.

They have begun a wonderful program for the 58 million uninsured Americans, free exams.  For just the price of a plane ticket you will receive a full body x-ray* designed to pick-up every nook and cranny of your body.  Your body scan will be thoroughly scrutinized by one of the respectful TSA agents. Any irregularities in your body will surely be noticed at this time.

If you choose not to take advantage of the full body scanners, or if an irregularity is found, there is another way they are looking out for your welfare.  In a respectful manner a TSA agent will manually examine every roll, wrinkle and crevice of your body, searching for suspicious lumps.

These examines will be done in front of other passengers as a training tool for self exams.

So the choice is yours, for the price of a plane ride you can have this wonderful service performed on You.  Of course, you have to crunch the numbers between that and an uninsured emergency room visit.  Just keep in mind one serves green jello and the other peanuty goodness.



*Radiation from full body scanners may cause cancer.