The Next Iron Chef may be a doppelganger

First of all I'd like to say that I am very ashamed.  For the most part I have spent my entire Sunday watching an entire season of  The Next Iron Chef.  I really can't trust myself to browse by the Food Network channel this time of year.  It always sucks me in for hours at a time.

On to this matter of the doppelganger.

The first chef that captured my attention as a doppelganger was Chef Ming Tsai.  I've seen him before as a challenger on Iron Chef and a judge on Top Chef.  To me, he looks like and asian Christoper Reeve, talks like him too.  I always liked Christopher Reeve and like Chef Tsai as well. I was rooting for him but he's not in the finals tonight (or so the 50,000 commercials I've seen today tell me).

No matter, he's not the doppelganger I'm talking about.

By the fifth episode I realized something so shocking it amazed me I hadn't seen it before.  Maybe I was too transfixed on Chef Tsai to pay attentiong to the rest of the competitors.  But when I did it struck me!



I'm not going to go into an explanation or justification of how I know who that is.  I am a child of the 70's I should know.  Anyway he's done enough reality television in the last few years that everyone should know him. Heck, he even participated in some type of debate/lecture thingee at my daughter's college.  My point is, he gets around, ha-ha!

I'm just thinking it is a little funny that the next Iron Chef may look like the last man I would ever want preparing my food.  Let's see who wins tonight!

 Maybe he's his son.  It's possible.